Proclaiming God's Kingdom

Foundational Doctrine of Christ

The scriptures clearly reveal the elementary doctrine of Christ, called the foundation in Hebrews 6:1-2

  1. Repentance from dead works
  2. Faith toward God
  3. Doctrine of baptisms
  4. Laying on of hands
  5. Resurrection of the dead
  6. Eternal judgement

The foundations of our faith in Christ are based upon these doctrines as revealed in the scriptures.

Our Goals

  • “To proclaim the gospel of Christ…Mark 16:15
  • “To endeavor to keep the unity of the spirit in the bond of peace…Ephesians 4:3
  • “To present every believer mature in Christ…Colossians 1:28
  • “To live in love out of a pure heart, and of good conscience and sincere faith…I Timothy 1:5
  • “To unify the whole body of Christ under the headship of Jesus to advance the kingdom of God in all areas of influence first in our community and globally…Ephesians 1:10

What we believe

Foundational Doctrine SALVATION BY GRACE THROUGH FAITH Right standing with God comes through faith in the blood of Jesus Christ according to Romans 3:23-26. This comes by new birth and renewing of the Holy Spirit according to Titus 3:5-6. Romans 8:4 reveals that his right standing with God is maintained by obedience in walking after the things of the God’s Spirit. Salvation…